reg|u|lar1 [ `regjələr ] adjective ***
▸ 1 arranged evenly
▸ 2 doing something often
▸ 3 ordinary
▸ 4 with normal grammar
▸ 5 of professional army
1. ) usually before noun arranged so that there is the same amount of time between events, or the same amount of space between objects:
We hold regular monthly meetings.
be/keep in regular contact (with someone): I keep in regular contact with my sisters.
at regular intervals: The flowers were placed at regular intervals of about four inches.
on a regular basis: They've been meeting on a regular basis.
a ) arranged to form an even shape:
He was very handsome, with strong regular features.
2. ) only before noun used for describing people who go somewhere or do something frequently:
Jason was a regular customer in the store.
a ) used for describing things that people frequently do or things that frequently happen:
Regular exercise is essential for good health.
I can assure you that cheating is not a regular occurrence at this school.
3. ) used for describing things that are ordinary or of average size:
The price of regular unleaded gasoline is set to rise.
a cheeseburger and regular fries
a ) used for describing someone who is ordinary and pleasant:
Tim seems like a regular guy.
4. ) LINGUISTICS following the normal patterns of grammar:
regular verbs
─ opposite IRREGULAR
5. ) only before noun belonging to a professional army, or consisting of professional soldiers:
regular soldiers/troops
╾ reg|u|lar|i|ty / regjE`lerEti / noun uncount
reg|u|lar 2 [ `regjələr ] noun count
1. ) a customer who usually goes to the same bar, restaurant, or store, or someone who usually plays a sport with the same team:
a bar frequented by loyal regulars
2. ) a regular soldier or a member of the regular armed forces
3. ) AMERICAN the most common type of gasoline for your car:
Fill it up with regular, please.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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